25 Aug

Why You Should Download Kodi Media Player Software

Most individuals are looking to add a little spice to their television usage. While you will find a limited selected of media players available to you, it may be challenging to find one that is suitable for your needs. Below you will discover why you should download the Kodi media player software, today. The kodi system is most popular on the relatively new product like the android box which as you know we are a big fan of as it acts as an all in one entertainment system.

Customizable Options

androd tv kodiOne of the great benefits of the Kodi is it is customizable. You will find an assortment of third-party skins to select from, which will alter the entire appearance of the software to suit your preferences. There are also a variety of plug-ins that will openly allow the user to utilize and access many online streaming media services such as Crackle and YouTube on the android tv box

Recent Changes

While Kodi, which was formerly named XBMC, was compatible with the Xbox gaming console, it no longer offers this option. This is the reason for the name change, but it is important to note that this open-source media player has now been upgraded to Helix 15.0.

You can download the Kodi 15.0 version from the Google Play store, which is compatible with all Android devices. Once the download is complete, you will notice some minor changes across the platforms. The chapter selector window is definitely a great addition to the software, since it will allow you to flip through and choose chapters directly from MKVS.

11 May

How to setup an Android TV Box

I am not the most technical person when it comes to setting up new pieces of technology that come out, especially over the last few years but the new android TV boxes on the market and pretty straight forward to use. I have read that I am able to watch live TV, sports, movies and TV shows on demand and have been putting those claims to the test.

I read online that the minimum internet connection I needed was 3mbs and as far as I am aware I have about 25mbs so that should not be a problem. When I got the box I was surprised at how compact it was. I was expecting something similar to a UPC tv box or a sky box but instead it is smaller than my internet router that sits beside it. To get started all I had to do was plug it in and connect the TV to the android TV box via a cable.android tv box

The android tv box came with several apps that are needed including netflix which is always a great one to have but the subscription is still needed. I have also noticed that it is possible to cast from my android phone to the android tv box. Once setup you can download any android app just as if you were using your phone or tablet. I already had apple tv even though I am not really an apple guy and I guess that this is the android answer to the apple TV. Apple TV is a bit easier to use but you also have to pay for the movies as you watch them which is quite expensive. I will continue to play around on the TV box and see if I can figure out more tips and tricks.