11 Apr

Photos of County Wicklow

We had a great week of weather this week and we were sent some excellent photos from all around the country but we got a lot of photos from around the county Wicklow area so we decided to write a little post and put up some of the great photos that were sent in.

One of our friends Jenny sent us in some great pictures of the sugar loaf. The sugar loaf is a great day out and it’s so close to Dublin that we think it is still very much under used! There are actually some great areas to visit within an hour of Dublin such as Glendalough, Powerscourt , the sugar loaf (obviously!) and Avoca.

These pictures were taken on her iPhone 5 and the quality is really good. Although embarrassed to say it Jenny recently got a selfie stick and used that to get some of these pictures. We have been meaning to post about the selfie stick as it is the new trend in picture taking.

For those of you who live under a rock a selfie stick is an extendable stick that allows you to attach your camera or phone to the top via a clip. Most of them are bluetooth and come with a remote control which makes it easy to take pictures. I got one a few weeks ago and find it great. At first I thought it was just a bit of a fad but I find myself using it fairly often these days..much more than I would have thought!

For those of you who are interested they are about €20.00 so not going to break the bank by any means. I got mine from a UK website and delivery took a few days but was free :).

Anyway that’s probably another posts work to be honest but said I would mention it here anyway. Enjoy the pics!


19 Apr

How to add your photos to the Openbox V9S

It has been a while since we have posted as we have been busy doing various things. I was on the other side of the world for the last few months getting some fantastic pictures. I was on the east coast of Australia from January until March and I had a blast of a time. I got photos of the great barrier reef, Fraser Island and the Whitesundays. I have not had time to upload them to the gallery yet will do so when I get the chance. I plan to get back at the end of the year for another trip to possibly there and South America..money depending of course!

I did however pick up an Openbox V9S free satellite receiver and just realized that I can actually upload jpeg and png images to it which is useful if you have guests over and want to show them your pictures without everyone crowding around a camera. The Openbox V9S is mainly for getting free satellite TV stations so this is just an added bonus but if anyone is interested in it, it only cost me €75.00 here: Openbox V8S so not breaking the bank and could be a good shout for the free TV too!

Not much other news to report here at Solar Print other than I have not made a plan for the summer yet. The options are looking like staying here in Ireland or heading to London for the summer. If I was to do that then I would try and get a trip over to Texas done as it is somewhere I have always wanted to go. I also need to get a new camera so if anyone has any suggestions please send me an email as I am a bit behind on that scene over the last few months and would love to get some recommendations. Thanks!

20 Feb

Refurbished iPhone’s are a way to save money!

Because they are less expensive and for that reason much more economical compared to their brand new equivalents, refurbished iPhones are loved. These are phones that have had previous owners, however they have been kept afresh by the maker enhancing their quality and making them prepared for the market once again. Apart from that the refurbished iPhones conserve money because of their budget friendly costs, they have a number of other benefits that make them popular.

The refurbished iPhones include fresh elements thinking about that their issue areas have been taken a look at in addition to dealt with. Defective parts are likewise changed and much better ones set up so that the phone functions in addition to a new one.

The software of refurbished phones is trustworthy. The developers deal with all previous problems making certain that every area is attended to thus you get more trusted software and hardware too.

Because the refurbished Apple iPhones are provided from authorized sellers like mrmobile, they have the tendency to be more reliable and trusted compared with buying a used phone from a friend. The authorized sellers are in close contact with the maker so they are much better in control in addition to responsibility. When you buy refurbished compared to buying used, your purchase is much more secure. Other sellers such as applerefurbs also offer a long warranty period and are quite competitive.

Without doubt, refurbished phones do have a number of benefits and you can think about getting one, particularly if you have lost your old phone or it ended up being malfunctioning and you do not have the cash to buy a new phone which can be costly. Even when buying refurbished, there are crucial phone areas that you ought to pay attention to.

Battery life – Although iPhones featured a remarkable battery life that can manage more than 7 hours talk time when they are new, continued use deteriorates the battery. Find out the number of hours of use the phone has gone through and think about whether the battery has been changed. Because it will quickly meet your needs, a refurbished phone whose battery has been changed is a much better option.

Screen damage – Likewise essential to watch out for is any visible screen damage. The iPhones have exceptionally hard glass screens, however if the phone had no screen protector, then it is extremely possible for the screen to have fine scratches. Crucial to bear in mind is that such scratches can hinder appropriate screen reading and they can likewise have an impact on the responsiveness of touch screen applications. It is most suggested that you pick a refurbished phone that has a new screen or a screen whose presence and total efficiency you can count on.

Memory capability – Earlier variations of the iPhone have little memory and this makes it crucial for you to find out the memory size of the phone prior to you buy. The memory must be big enough so that you can carry out all jobs as well as have a simple time storing applications you have an interest in. Assess your needs and connect to the memory size prior to you lastly make your purchase.

When trying to find a high carrying out refurbished Apple iPhone, make a point of getting it from a refurb iPhone provider you can rely on for quality. This is an easy way of making sure that you get a phone that matches with your expectations.

25 Aug

Why You Should Download Kodi Media Player Software

Most individuals are looking to add a little spice to their television usage. While you will find a limited selected of media players available to you, it may be challenging to find one that is suitable for your needs. Below you will discover why you should download the Kodi media player software, today. The kodi system is most popular on the relatively new product like the android box which as you know we are a big fan of as it acts as an all in one entertainment system.

Customizable Options

androd tv kodiOne of the great benefits of the Kodi is it is customizable. You will find an assortment of third-party skins to select from, which will alter the entire appearance of the software to suit your preferences. There are also a variety of plug-ins that will openly allow the user to utilize and access many online streaming media services such as Crackle and YouTube on the android tv box

Recent Changes

While Kodi, which was formerly named XBMC, was compatible with the Xbox gaming console, it no longer offers this option. This is the reason for the name change, but it is important to note that this open-source media player has now been upgraded to Helix 15.0.

You can download the Kodi 15.0 version from the Google Play store, which is compatible with all Android devices. Once the download is complete, you will notice some minor changes across the platforms. The chapter selector window is definitely a great addition to the software, since it will allow you to flip through and choose chapters directly from MKVS.

11 May

How to setup an Android TV Box

I am not the most technical person when it comes to setting up new pieces of technology that come out, especially over the last few years but the new android TV boxes on the market and pretty straight forward to use. I have read that I am able to watch live TV, sports, movies and TV shows on demand and have been putting those claims to the test.

I read online that the minimum internet connection I needed was 3mbs and as far as I am aware I have about 25mbs so that should not be a problem. When I got the box I was surprised at how compact it was. I was expecting something similar to a UPC tv box or a sky box but instead it is smaller than my internet router that sits beside it. To get started all I had to do was plug it in and connect the TV to the android TV box via a cable.android tv box

The android tv box came with several apps that are needed including netflix which is always a great one to have but the subscription is still needed. I have also noticed that it is possible to cast from my android phone to the android tv box. Once setup you can download any android app just as if you were using your phone or tablet. I already had apple tv even though I am not really an apple guy and I guess that this is the android answer to the apple TV. Apple TV is a bit easier to use but you also have to pay for the movies as you watch them which is quite expensive. I will continue to play around on the TV box and see if I can figure out more tips and tricks.

9 Apr

Tips for hiring a photographer

We often hear horror stories of people hiring photographers and not being happy with them. Unfortunately anyone can call themselves a photographer but not anyone can be a professional photographer. It takes years of experience and a passion for the art.

Obviously there are several things to consider such as costs, time frame, availability and quality of past work. There are several associations for Irish photographers which can be helpful when hiring.

Some things to look out for when hiring a photographer:

http://www.menshealth-canada.com/viagra-online-canada/ cheap viagra in us 1. Experience levels:

We understand that new photographers have to start somewhere but they should also be honest about their experience levels. Ask the photographer for past work and if they can’t produce any but claim they are experienced then alarm bells should be ringing. If they are honest and telling you they are only starting out then see if you can get them to send on some samples.

2. viagra online vancouver Price

Obviously a very important point here. Pay peanuts and get monkeys so if a photographer is quoting way below the norm then something is wrong. Don’t shop on price alone but try to get the best deal you can.

3. Personality of the Photographer

Meet up with any potential photographers and talk about other things than just photography to see if you can build a rap ore with him/her.  If you don’t get on with the photographer then move on to the next one.

4. Timeframe and Delivery

Get a clear time frame for delivery of the end product. A good photographer will be able to give you a more precise time frame for having your photos ready and may offer different options such as various framing.

5. Payments

Most photographers will take a percentage up front in order to guarantee the slot. Some will ask you to sign a contract which is a good thing in case they don’t turn up!

Some of these points might seem obvious but you would be surprised about the amount of horror stories we hear so use your common sense and follow the above :).